Our Story.

The Launch Life is a lifestyle brand for young entrepreneurs in the process of launching a business. Offering a place for brainstorming, open communication, support, and encouragement, The Launch Life was derived from the process the authors have experienced through their own business startups. After the release of their first book November 2014 the brand will expand to offer related products for young entrepreneurs through strategic partnerships with other young entrepreneur owned businesses.

The Community.

Our goal is to build a community of entrepreneurs who support each other through the launch of their business. We aim to provide advice and encouragement in a respectful and creative environment.

The Launch Life.

What’s “The Launch Life”? It’s the crazy, hectic, passionate, persistent, sleepless, idea-driven, goal-oriented lifestyle that we as entrepreneurs live while launching our business.  Want to come along for the ride …

Our Mission.

At The Launch Life, our mission is to inspire & encourage young entrepreneurs to chase their dreams and launch new and exciting ventures that create positive social and economic impacts.




Meet The Team.

Release November 2014

Voice Of The Community.

  • I think entrepreneurs and certain business people just look at life and look at things that are changing and are able to see those things and say “ I can create a business out of that”.

    Mark Cuban
  • The most successful people are the people that had the right idea but never, ever,  quit or gave up.  The people that are the most successful NEVER QUIT.

    Donald Trump
  • The most valuable resource you have it Timing, the right business at the right time is everything.  You can make more money, however you can't replace time.

    Andrew McKelveyMcKelvey Foundation
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